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Post  Kalisiin on Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:41 am

I know that all states are not yet programmed in to display for counties hit in a specific state...but it occurs to me that, when they'll have 50 states in your profile, requiring a huge amount of scrolling...or none at all....OR, with some fancy coding of your own (if you know how) you can then pick and choose which states show up...and how big.

Is it possible to program such options into the profile setup screen, like we did for our colors and cutoff values...where we could choose to hide some states and display others? Also, the possibility to choose size or scale of the image? (this could be a single setting that would apply to all state maps chosen to display - or could be that it applies to all but your HOME state, which you might get to choose for it to be bigger than the others.)

No rush on this, just ideas I had and wanted to throw out there, and see what people think. This site is already better than others...but, even more improvements is a good thing!

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