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Post  Darth Slurpee on Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:00 am

I got an 8th hit on one of my bills yesterday, so I went to the Site Top 10 list to see the impact on the Top 10 Bills Number of Hits list.

While there, I noticed one of Darrel's two on the list had also gotten a new hit a couple of days earlier, so I checked it out.

The user note says: "Tracking this bill because I was told to on the video:".

It turns out both of Darrel's two on the list are featured in the video. Now that's an awesome way to get hits.   Very Happy Not really tracking where the dollar is, but an interesting way to get hits nonetheless. Well, 'cept for the nincompoop in Marietta.  Wink

So yeah, not real hits, but it's not like we're saving lives with this stuff. Of course, here the site owner won't go apoplectic and start doling out punishments, implementing banishments, and issuing papal proclamations of faux outrage in an effort to convey an over-sized sense of self-ascribed importance like would happen elsewhere.  clown

And not saying much about the other site's users, since there are 5 hits on the second bill, while the first one has been blocked (you know, 'cause it's not a dollar from the other site and all). If you want to see the amazing travels this TrackDollar bill has racked up on the other site: link. Better hurry, though, since trolling over here will probably get it blocked soon, too!

And yep, there are a couple of our regulars in the YouTube comments defending this site's honor.
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