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Scammers Suck

Post  Kalisiin on Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:00 pm

I am now required to document work searches for unemployment, because I am on extension.

The problem with this is there just are not enough worthwhile jobs listed in order to complete this requirement without resorting to looking on things like Craigslist...and this exposes you to all manner of fraud and identity theft.

I just got a reply back from an inquiry about a job posted on Craigslist...and before they scheduled an interview...THEY WANTED ME TO FOLLOW THEIR LINK TO OBTAIN A CREDIT SCORE!!

The sad thing is, many would do it without any question, because people are desperate for work. They would not even see the RED FLAGS...
In this case...

1. They mentioned having received my resume in their reply letter (I had not sent one...I never send resumes to Craigslist postings - until I have received a return email from them...I only send inquiries) The reason for this is so that I can capture their IP address in a full header search, and then do a WHOIS on them to see where the email is coming from. I nailed a guy from Nigeria this way recently.

2. They want you to follow THEIR obtain a credit score...and this before you even meet with someone in person! And bringing a copy of your credit score from one of the major bureaus - would not suffice for them. This tells me they want something other than my credit score - like my personal information in order to commit identity theft!

3. The reply email was from "Hiring Manager" and never once was a first or last name given!

4. a company name was given, and that company showed up on Flake List as a known scammer.

BUT...from the original Craigslist posting, you did not know the company name, etc. Sending the inquiry got me the information I needed to determine this was a scam.

It is sad that the economy is in such terrible shape that people could be victimized in this way...and the unemployment office basically forces you to be exposed to this sort of fraud, by requiring documentation of job search!

I'm of course registered with legitimate temp agencies...but they don't always have jobs you can apply for...thus forcing you to fill in for the week from something like Craigslist.

Watch out, folks, if you are searching for a job, like I am (part-time needed while I am trying to launch my business...and to get unemployment off my back!!) there are a lot of predators out there just waiting to take advantage of the fact that you are desperate!

I wish they would nail all these scam artists to the wall, they don't deserve to live.

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