Finally..a hit in Saginaw County, Michigan

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Finally..a hit in Saginaw County, Michigan

Post  ELECTRIC RED on Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:03 am

I've been waiting for a hit there since i signed up and it has eluded me all this time. Can't believe it took this long since it is a very populous place in this state. It's actually the first Saginaw hit for the entire site which is even more surprising.

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Re: Finally..a hit in Saginaw County, Michigan

Post  Kalisiin on Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:57 pm

Nice one, Jackson.

Maybe next year you'll get another. And then we can color in the map for 2012, where there is no actual contest/competition or cash prize.

I made a big mistake in what I was trying to do for the County Contest this year. My goal was to get more people to the Forums. What I ended up doing was creating a lot of animosity and bad feeling, for which I apologize and sincerely regret.

I would like to try a Sitewide County Map COOPERATION next year...where there are no winners, no losers, no stats, just a concerted effort from all active users to color in as much of the map as possible.

I still could do the different colors but I would want to emphasize NO competition, no winners, no losers...and all welcome to participate. I think it still could be a lot of fun.

This current year "contest" turned out to be a disaster on a few levels, and I like to think maybe I have learned something from that experience.

The constant need to change weightings and so just really was not a good idea. So I'd like to take the competition aspect out of it...and try to get back to what my original purpose was with get more people coming to the Forums.

I hope you'll consider participating. And very nice hit in Saginaw...congrats!!

I am near my own milestone at the moment, I'll start a new thread about it shortly when I hit it....I have hijacked this thread enough. But again, I wish to congratulate you on the hit...and to apologize for what happened earlier this year. I would really like to be friends.

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