I Would Like To Offer My Apologies

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I Would Like To Offer My Apologies

Post  Kalisiin on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:16 pm

for my behavior on the Forums while the whole thing was blowing up. All I can say for my actions during that time is that I was feeling very harassed and attacked...and felt like nobody was doing anything about it. This caused me to be very angry...and the actions that were ongoing caused me to have a very real fear for my life and safety.

I can only ask that those who were offended to forgive me...but to also try to see it from my end for a moment.

Many of us who lead alternative lifestyles often do not choose to reveal this in many Forums that they are a part of, for fear of their physical safety. Those of you who are NOT GLBT may have a hard time understanding this, but I ask that you take my word for it, and at least sympathize with what I was going through.

I only ask that everyone here recall what happened to a man by the name of Matt Shepherd...and understand the level of my fear, because of what was being done to me here.

Again I would like to start off on a new foot here...I apologize for my past behavior, and ask only that you understand the REASON for it, and find it within yourselves to forgive me.

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