A cash exchange story

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A cash exchange story

Post  dctim on Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:59 am

I got a whim to swap out some Twenties for Ones yesterday at my local Capital One brick and mortar. I go in with my usual line: "I'd like to buy some one dollar bills from you". The teller tells me that there is a new procedure to "increase security" (aka "make it more difficult and gather more metrics into their customer transaction database").

1. Hand over my 5 Twenties
2. Swipe my ATM card - enter my PIN - even though I am "only" exchanging money.
3. Hand over my driver's license so the teller can enter my ID number on the card.
4. Wait for the "computer controlled" counter to rifle through the bills
5. Teller then puts the dispensed cash into ANOTHER counter (most likely to protect his backside).

So, the bank has me on their video surveillance, which is connected to my ATM card, which is connected to my Driver's License, which is connected to the transaction of exchanging money.

In the meantime, I'm teasing the teller asking if I need to spread my arms and legs while up against the wall. He then tells me that their branches in New York are doing fingerprints and retinal scans for this kind of transaction. Naturally, I asked how their computer security was since the Federal Government had fingerprints hacked by the Chinese just a few years ago.

I'm thinking that I will do this kind of transaction at my Credit Union in the future.

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Re: A cash exchange story

Post  Jack002 on Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:50 pm

Terrible. I never heard of this before. I buy 1s at the bank all the time. I suppose they keep a video feed of all the drive ups, but after they know the money I gave them is real they probably don't pay any further attention.

I hope this is not a coming trend. Shocked No tongue

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