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Post  Darth Slurpee on Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:26 pm

With this hit today, I reached 20% Hits/Entered rate!

Bill Summary for: Darth Slurpee Bills entered:91,220 Hits:18,244 that is: 20.0% Value entered:$376,066

That puts me in 5th place among the Top 50 Tracker$, behind (my child) Linkinsgirl69 at 26.2%, Jazz at 32.4%, (my child) andrew44 at 45.0%, and (my child) George4 at a whopping 200.0%!  affraid  Some people are very unkind to run up the score like that, making it impossible for me to catch them.  Rolling Eyes Ungrateful kids!  Razz  And using my own marked bills to beat me to boot!  lol!

I think I'd have to stop entering to even take  3rd spot on this one. king No
Darth Slurpee
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