2 new kinds of $2 hits

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2 new kinds of $2 hits

Post  Alan From Rochester on Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:34 pm

1976 J - http://www.trackdollar.com/report.htm?url=BH60F85728C5DDA1340F7FF80E52485F1737EEF00B
1976 H - http://www.trackdollar.com/report.htm?url=BH68F25D29C9D2AA360E7BF0065A40571F3FE6F803

I like getting batches of $2 hits, especially when they're $2s like these.

My first Tom hits were a 2003A and 2009 D together on 11/6/13. Also, got 2009 K and 1976 I together this May 16th.

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