Can I Get 500 NJ Hits??

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Can I Get 500 NJ Hits??

Post  Kalisiin on Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:00 pm

OK, not really a contest, per se...and no real prize on this...

But...I currently have 485 NJ hits.
I am wondering if I can manage 500 NJ hits before I leave the area.

As many of you know, I am soon to move to North Carolina.  When I do, NJ hits aren't going to be as easy as they have been up till now.

I started in August, 2010 (well, I signed up July 29, August is close enough) - and to date, 7/17/14 - I have 485 hits in NJ.

Do you think I can manage 500 before I leave PA/NJ area on or around Sept. 30?  If so, just for giggles, what date do you think it will happen?

If not, same question.

NOTE: Counting today, it seems I have 75 days left living up here.  That means I need one NJ hit every five days to do this thing....I will also be absent from the area for ten of those days as a result of house hunting in NC.

Personally, me...I say this one's gonna be REAL CLOSE.

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