OK I get it the thing is in new york

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OK I get it the thing is in new york

Post  Matt_How on Wed May 14, 2014 12:00 am

http://www.trackdollar.com/report.htm?url=BH2BBE67658C91E97C453FC5271A0A135E1DA5AB40 My first hit in the biggest US city. I found it funny the user comments felt it necessary to mention that it was in New York LOL


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Re: OK I get it the thing is in new york

Post  Kalisiin on Wed May 14, 2014 7:43 am

Wow, your first hit in The Big Apple?


Of course, living where I do...a large percentage of my bills end up in the five boroughs of NYC...each of which is it's own County within the state of New York.

Bronx - 17
Kings (Brooklyn) - 47
New York (Manhattan) - 66
Queens - 29
Richmond (Staten Island) - 12

I have Borough Bingo times 12...a total of 171 hits in the five Boroughs of New York, meaning that 5.92% of my total hits are in The Big Apple.

Additionally, I have
25 in Nassau County
51 in Suffolk County
and 11 in Westchester County...which are surrounding NYC Boroughs. So another 87 hits. Meaning 8.93 percent of all my hits are in and around NYC.

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